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Welcome to my website!


My name is Giuliana Majo and I wear many hats.


I'm a dance artist, choreographer and dance producer, a vinyasa and restorative yoga teacher; a contact improvisation teacher and one of three founders of TripSpace, a movement studio in East London where we programme some of the best dance artists and yoga teachers across Europe.

I  have been dancing for 25 years, practicing yoga for 18 years.

I trained at Yoga Campus, LCDS and LISPA and I hold a Level Three Anatomy and Physiology diploma which led me to further my anatomy knowledge with international Yoga teachers Judith Hanson Lasater and Mary Richards: yes - I am a certified anatomy nerd! But most of all I am an all-round passionate about making people move and discovering how the body and the being intertwine... I believe they are one.

Feel free to browse around and get in touch if you want to chat about collaborations, how you can attend one of my classes or watch one of my performances!

What people say about my classes:
“Really excellent teaching”
“My Favourite Yoga Class”
"Best Class Ever"
Unsollicited online reviews
What people say about my dance shows
"Giuliana Majo staged a deft intervention (...) an entreaty to become, and an instruction manual for being"
John Lyndon,  Springback Academy        
"One of the most charming performances"
Suzanne Frost, Springback Academy     
What people say about my dance production
The management and administration of the project was super" 
 Artists T. Hed and L. Pohlmann on Summerdance
"The team were very helpful, communication was bliss and social media presence was rampant" 
Artist C. Owen on Summerdance
“We felt that the day was very well organised from start to finish.(...) We felt very welcomed and respected as artists, which gives confidence and trust in what we continue to do.
Artists H Parsons & L Badiola on Trip The Light

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