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I encountered Yoga in 2001 in the "stretching zone" of the contemporary dance school I was attending at the time.

One of my school peers was already a very experienced ashtanga practitioner, she agreed to teach me a few poses in between dance classes and during our lunchtime breaks... for 3 years I quietly stood behind her and copied as she self-practiced...this was the beginning of 18 years of learning, practicing and teaching: I never look back!

I can't be thankful enough to my friend who opened the door for me to such a rich and beautiful tradition, which supported me through many life experiences: from giving me the strength of  stillness during hectic times and the power of movement during low&slow times.


Yoga supported me through injury,  intense dance training, crazy touring schedules, child birth, family and friendship roller-coasters and even the highs and lows of running a business in East London 

18 years down the line I am still in awe of how much depth and wonder yoga brings to my everyday life and I am incredibly thankful to all my teachers and students who keep allowing me to learn and exchange such rich knowledge with such profound passion.

My yoga classes offer a thoughtful flow, combining playfulness, physical challenge, soulful insight & great attention to alignment.


Drawing from the greater traditions of yoga I often pepper my teaching with anatomical knowledge (yes: I am a certified anatomy nerd!), and philosophical enquiry.
Each class is themed and my sequences intelligently work towards a fun peak pose.


Through the process plenty of modifications and tips for props use are offered to encourage perception of asana as a spectrum of possibilities rather than an ideal shape.


Absolutely everyone is welcome to my classes: expect to nourish body, mind, soul and creativity.

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